ERG Energy Services continues a tradition of providing innovative and dependable services to Oil and Gas Companies. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, ERG Energy Services has a vast experience in delivering services into the Western Canadian Basin. Whether it is Geophysical Program Management, Environmental Services, Facilities Construction or Safety Consulting, ERG Energy Services top notch Team can help your company maximize its profit horizons.

Our experience extends to the International sphere as well. Many of our current and past customers have used our expertise in foreign countries to create successful projects. As many Western Canadian Exploration Companies look at Foreign Opportunities, ERG is there to support them. In a competitive market ERG Energy Services delivers the innovative solutions that not only keeps your initial costs down but drives innovation to keep your investment valuable.

ERG Energy Services is aggressively creating partnerships by delivering services throughout the Western Canadian Basin as our Growth Strategy. We are interested in working with partners who are committed to maximizing revenue horizons through the use new technologies and improved operations practices.

As a stakeholder in the Canadian Energy Sector, ERG Energy Services is committed to environmental stewardship in our operations. We carefully choose vendors and partners who have shown a commitment to investing in new technologies and practices, which limit environmental impact of hydrocarbon extraction.

Asset Management

Asset Management of wells, pipelines and facilities which has potential for long term realization of revenue, freeing up monies captured through regulatory, lease payments, insurance, mitigation problems and other highly visible, potentially onerous problems. Our vision is to provide our O&G customers a superior result in a timely, cost effective fashion.
Our team consists of personnel capable of maneuvering through the regulatory hurdles, addressing surface land issues for access,

indoors and out.

Downhole-Pipeline-Facility Abandonment

Field Operations, along with environmental assessments & remediation for obtaining final certificates.

ERG Energy Services Ltd. (ERG) has added UAV data collection and analytics as well as automated GIS geoprocessing and reporting to better serve the ongoing needs of our clients. The last eight years have allowed us to build on our:

  • Oil and Gas Field Operations
  • Asset Management
  • Data Collection and Analytics
  • Mapping and Reporting
  • Expanding on our 30+ years of experience in abilities for O&G operations, abandonment, and reclamation. Our team has extensive experience from regulatory, environmental and the surface components of a project:
  • Phase I & II Assessments
  • DSA (Landscape, Soil, Vegetation)
  • Well-bore remediation, vent flow gas migration, integrity, abandonment
  • Pipeline Abandonment/Facility decommissioning

Our team members have been involved with jobs within the OWA and as well have worked for the AER. Our team can plan and execute operations from initial inspections to final remediation and reclamation.